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Accessories range

Abakus Direct offers you a selection of accessories. We aim to provide you with the ultimate comfort – browse our selection of cushion covers. Our cushions covers can be great additions to your living room. Perfect sofa isn’t enough if it’s on its own. It needs to be completed with set of matching cushions. With our cushion covers you can be certain that the final effect will be stunning.

Unique cushion covers

Remember that accessories can be easily overlooked but in fact they can transform everything. With carefully chosen accessories, such us our cushion covers you can make a stand and transform even the most ordinary room into something beautiful. Interesting colour range of our cushion covers allows you to pair them with any kind of sofa. Startling contrast of colours can be the thing.

Our cushion covers are made of chenille cords. Chenille is a natural material known for its high durability and relatively low maintenance. It’s also smooth and soft to touch which makes it perfect for such accessories as cushion covers or pillows. Our fabric sofas are also made of chenille, therefore such cushion covers can be perfect additions in line with your overall style.

Enjoy perfect rest

Don’t forget that at Abakus Direct we aim to make your life better. After all, our accessories, lightning and furniture are designed to give you long lasting comfort. Our furniture combined with suitable lighting and completing accessories can make your home warm and welcoming. Don’t worry about practicalities – thoughtful design of our furniture and accessories easily fulfils all your practical needs and guarantees satisfaction. Feel free to browse our full collections. Abakus Direct offers you also quality fabric and leather sofas. If armchairs or corner sofas are more to your liking you can also find them here. Never forget about details that add personal touch to your rooms and can really transform them. Browse our collection of lighting. All our collections are created with passion and with only one goal – your ultimate comfort at a reasonable price.