Cancellation and Refunds

You have 30 calendar days from receipt of your furniture in which to advise us that you do not want to keep the order. All you need to do is advise us in writing (via e-mail ) or phone our Customer Service team on 0800 368 9673.


You can return your order to us at any of our collection points to receive a full refund including your original delivery charge. If you would like us to collect the items on your behalf, the charge is £59.


If we are collecting the items from you, we ask that you do the following to assist with uplift of the goods:


  • Ensure that the furniture is returned in the condition in which it was received. We will not be able to refund the goods in full if there are any signs of damage or misuse.
  • We will refund to you all the monies paid by you for the items being returned (excluding the cost of collection of the goods), once the goods are back at our local warehouse and have been inspected.
    Please note for card refunds it can take up to 7 working days from the date that we process the repayment for your account provider to re-credit you with the amount due.

Naturally, we aim to deliver all our furniture in good condition. At Abakus Direct we have spent many hours talking to our suppliers about packing and shipping our products so they arrive safely. We are constantly looking for ways to improve these standards. Our stores also pride themselves on having the best delivery teams in the business.


It is disappointing for you and us when occasionally things go wrong. When your order has been unwrapped in your home and there are signs of transit damage, this is what to expect:


  • If the furniture is useable, despite the damage, we are happy for you to go ahead and use it.
  • The Abakus Direct delivery team will complete an incident report form to record the problem. They will ask you to sign it. They may also take photographs to accompany the paperwork.
  • The Incident Report form will be returned to the delivering store. It will be logged against your order number and assessed for action.
  • In the event that a repair cannot be made, we will replace the furniture, or give a full refund. The goods that are deemed faulty revert to the ownership of Abakus Direct, and must be in our possession before monies are refunded.
  • A full refund shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the unsatisfactory merchandise.